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I just got certified this last weekend in Catalina and I have to say, one of the best experiences I've had. My teachers were Peter for the classroom and Kevin for the Pool and Open water and they were the best instructors. Absolute professionals who taught us the right way to do things without compromise. They were both very engaged in making our learning experience both fun and detail oriented at the same time.

During the open water in Catalina we saw other classes with instructors from other schools and it was almost laughable how much better Peter and Kevin were as instructors for us. It was very clear we were being taught by top professionals who really know what they are doing. I felt bad for the other students we saw out there getting mediocre instruction and attention honestly. If we did something wrong, we did it again until we got it down the way it's supposed to be and they go by the letter of the book. Another important thing is these guys made everyone feel like they could achieve becoming a highly skilled open water diver if we just committed to it.

I could not recommend these guys more if you are interested in getting certified the way everyone should! Thank you guys for being totally awesome and starting my life long SCUBA adventure off the right way!


Open Water Diver Couse

PCH Scuba is the best! All the instructors are extremely knowledgeable and make the entire experience a blast. I highly recommend Kevin as an instructor.


Open Water Diver Course

Thank you for a very enjoyable and challenging TEC40 course. Learned a bunch and now need to go practice and consolidate what I have learned. As usual you really go above and beyond what would be reasonably expected of any instructor.



It was an amazing learning experience and the dive location was awesome! Kelp forest and colorful fish all around ! Our instructor, Kevin Bond, is a very experienced dive master and was very patient and a great teacher. Hopefully I get to dive with them again!


Open Water Diver Couse

so, we're in roatan, right now.. we've done 19 dives so far, but everyone is complimenting us, on our diving ability. just wanted to say thank ya! apparently you are a hell of an instructor... even on our first dive, everyone was surprised when they found out that we had just gotten our cert 2 weeks prior... so, well done, sir!


Open Water Diver Couse

Once again the family loved learning from Kevin and Karl. I have to admit I think you do a great job giving us time to learn go over mistakes correct our homework and enjoy scuba diving. You answer all our questions no matter how funny and you let us have fun but still keep us on track. I would love to say hey try this but I really think you have it down. I always feel comfortable diving with or with out you.You have made my entire family confident divers.Thank you so much.


Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Thank you for everything you've taught me in the last week. Iv'e learned alot and i had fun doing it! Thank you agian!


Open Water Diver Course

Thanks again for last weekend it was a blast. I have the itch now to dive as much as possible.


Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Thanks for the fantastic SCUBA instruction and knowledge!



Open Water Diver Couse

Man, the trip was amazing....I think you are very well organized and lead the class in the most productive and fun manor. I appreciate you and Karl's expertise and willingness to answer questions. What a great group to dive with. Oh, and thanks for putting up with my antics.


Advanced Open Water Diver Couse

I have never been one to underestimate and especially under-value the kindness of strangers. I say thank you a thousand times for generous with your time and talents. Thank you for being a part of this story!



Discover SCUBA (Underwater Marriage Proposal)

Thanks again for teaching an awesome class! I can't wait to go diving again! I hope to dive with you again soon!


Advanced Open Water Diver Couse

Thank you for making the Catalina trip so fabulous and enjoyable!!!!! I could not have 'goofed around' had I not felt so safe with you guys watching :-)


Advanced Open Water Diver Couse

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